Christmas Cards // Fall & Winter


It’s that time of year! The leaves are turning, scents of pumpkin and spice fill the air, and the breeze seems just a little more cool and just a little cozier! We pull out our wreaths, set out our pumpkins and prep for yet another chilly season — filled with family, fun and blessings — and maybeeee a little chaos!!

I think most would agree that this season literally flies by!! So how can we make the most of the time we have with family – especially those miles away?

Why send Christmas Cards? Although the Christmas Card tradition dates back to 1843, it is far from outdated. However, now, virtually every Holiday Card has a photo on it, documenting the stage and season of your family this year. Actually, NOW is the time to design and plan for your Christmas Cards! In today’s digital age, the tangible medium becomes even more special for the Grandmother who is sure to save that precious photo of her grandchild with his little dimples; to the sister three states away; and for the best friend from college that may just need a reminder of how special a relationship once was, and still is. Holiday Cards are part of our culture and season – as essential as Christmas trees, strings of lights, and presents!

Ideas: Incorporate elements of your life. Just got married? Oldest child attending a university this year? Just moved to a new city, had a new baby…or want to announce a new baby? Your photographer can help you plan a creative photograph that accurately represents your life and your family.

How to make your Christmas Cards the BEST on the fridge!
1- DON’T wait until the last minute. Start like, now.
2- PLAN what will you wear for your card photo (your photographer will help you do this). Also consider the color scheme of the card if you have a preference. Plan your attire around this.
3- Make a list of your family, friends, business contacts that you’d like to include…start gathering addresses weeks before sending out cards.
4- Grab postage stamps while you are in town one day.
5- If at all possible, grab your envelopes early, pre-stamp and pre-address them before you even get your cards in, to make assembly super fast and easy!!
6- Think about adding something a little extra to your cards… a cute sticker, or little notes for those extra special to your heart. Now is the time to let those special people know how much you care!
7- Send them!! Ideally, sending cards out in late November/the first week of December gives family and friends plenty of time to enjoy and display them!

What to do now: Book your portraits! No matter who your photographer is, be sure to communicate that you’re shooting specifically for cards, so they can better accommodate your session, and make sure to note adequate turnaround time.

Don’t wait to lose those extra pounds. Or to get your eyebrows done. Or to order the ‘perfect’ family outfit. Because it won’t be perfect, and that’s okay! That’s life!

I hope this gives you some encouragement and motivation to get in the spirit of the season and to get a jump start!!




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