What to Wear: Fall & Holiday Portraits

Yep… it’s almost that time! As the Fall season draws closer, I get so many questions from clients wondering what to wear for this year’s family portraits! Do you even know where to START? We’ve put together some ideas and tips to help make your family photo session a success!!

Planning: Pre-planning your outfits can easily make or break a session. Matchy-matchy is out, coordination is in. It’s important to choose 2-3 key colors for your family and dress around that (more on that below). That does NOT mean you need to buy new outfits for the whole family, just that a little coordination goes a long way. 🙂

what to wear

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Consider the purpose of your portraits. What will you do with them? Create a statement piece above your couch or mantle? Send Christmas cards to all your friends and relatives? Give them as Christmas gifts? Share them on Facebook? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you narrow down a color scheme and build from there.

 whattowear4Source: www.adamhommerding.com
Notice how the warm golden tones of the portraits compliment the warm colors on the wall and décor.


Also consider your location: country, urban, etc. Will you be photographed next to a concrete building (cool, blues & greys) or in a field of warm colors with a sunset (yellows, reds, oranges, creams)?  You and your photographer will spend some time styling your session to make sure your outfits coordinate perfectly with your location.

Fall Color Ideas: (Pinterest has a TON of ideas and inspiration so go check them out!) Gray, Brown, Mustard Yellow, Eggplant Purple/Plum, Sage Deep, Orange, Navy Blue. Be sure to provide some contrast, such as deep gray & light yellow, dark brown & creams – they contrast nicely. Avoid stark contrast such as black and white; it can be visually distracting, and chances are, you might notice the B&W stripe sweater more than your family’s sweet faces above your mantle for years to come.

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Source: http://design-seeds.com/search/category/autumn


Accessories can make all the difference!! Accessory ideas: Scarves, Cardigans, Statement necklaces/rings/bracelets, Boots & Boot Socks, Jackets. Mix & match colors from accessories to brighten and add dimension to your portraits.

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And the #1 consideration for planning your portrait session??
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